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How To Transfer All Data From Android Phone To Android Phone

Smartphones are the order of the day. A new smartphone brings a bundle of excitement along with it. However, the first thing you¡¯ll probably do if you change a new phone is to copy all the contacts, data files from the older mobile to the new one. This article will provide you with great inputs to transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, pictures, video and all other information with great ease and for free.

Transfer contacts from one phone to another phone:

If you just want to transfer contacts, it can be done through three ways. One of the popular methods adopted by mobile users is to transfer the contacts to SIM and then to the new mobile. However, if the contacts contain detailed information such as address, email id and so on, it becomes difficult to get all the data transferred.

The other two ways are the transferring contacts via computer or through an online service. Mobile users can use the brand-own compatible application such as Nokia Ovi Suite, BalackBerry¡¯s desktop manager, iTunes to transfer contacts from mobile to computer and back to the new mobile. New mobile users can also make use of the Internet enabled in the mobile. Cloud based applications such as Mobical or GoogleSync can be used to transfer contacts without the use of computer in quick time and in an efficient manner. Users can also download the Wondershare Mobile Trans application that provides for one-click transfer of all types of data especially detailed contacts.

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Transfer SMS, MMS and call logs from one android to another:

It is not just enough to transfer contacts, and one would need the stored SMS, MMS and phone logs to the new mobile phone too. Android phone users can make use of the Backup Message and Call to Email application to transfer all these data to Gmail account. The free application provides backing up/restoring SMS, MMS, and Call Log to/from Gmail to Android phone with great ease. Users can install the straightforward application through the Google Play Store to transfer all with great ease. The application also helps sync messages, MMS and call log from one android phone to the other.
transfer all data from android phone

Transfer pictures from Android phone to Android phone:

Most of the smartphone users make use of the high resolution mobile cameras to capture photos and cherished memories. Often these users are faced with the problem of loss of data from the SD card or deletion of photos accidentally. It is therefore wise to have a back-up of the photos in a computer or an external device. Transferring the pictures from one Android to another Android is also sought out by the mobile users. The quickest way to transfer the photos is to connect to a computer for taking back up and then transfer the same to the new mobile. Another way is to save all the photos in the SD card, remove the SD card to insert the same in to the new mobile to get all the photos in the new Android phone. However, there is a risk of viruses and malware if any getting transferred along with the SD card.

Another way to safely transfer the pictures is to upload the same to email, cloud storage and then download the same on to the new Android phone.

Transfer videos from Android phone to Android phone:

The collect of videos that you have in your old Android phone is not worth loosing. There are ways in which the videos can be transferred effectively to the new Android phone. Using the Dropbox cloud option is one of the most effective methods of transferring the videos from one Android to other. Just by connecting to the application through mobile data, you would be able to create an automatic backup of all the videos and then download the same on to your new mobile without any hassle. The free storage space of 2.5 GB provided by the application enables users to create backup without any hassles. There are many other cloud based applications that can be used by the users to create backup.
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Transfer app from one Android phone to another Android:

One of the ways of transferring applications from one Android to the new Android phone is to get the Google Play configured with the same Gmail ID in both the devices and download the previously installed applications. Another way is to download the App Backup & restore, select the previously installed applications and click on the backup button to create a backup in Dropbox. Login to the Dropbox using the new Android to download the backed up application and click on install to get it installed in the new Android phone.

To get all the above tasks done in less time, you can check this article on how to transfer files from Phone to Phone. New Android users can get all the contacts, SMS, MMS, call log, pictures, videos and applications transferred to the new Android phone without any hassles and complications using the one-click Wondershare Mobile Trans application.

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Online Computer Specialized Support & Repair Services

Online PC support services have become most affordable and reliable solution for troubleshooting day to day computer problems. These computer support services which come under remote online computer tech support are very useful for maintenance and repair of your computer system. Nowadays, computer support services are provided by skilled professionals certified by Microsoft through email, internet or telephones. There are many companies providing online computer help services to the users facing problems related to their systems. They call up remote specialized support help desk and find solutions related to their computer issues.
The basis of remote tech support is that users get connected to expert professionals who diagnose the problems. These professionals then get access to the user desktop through remote desktop. They then troubleshoot the problems and change the settings to fix the problems. They employ the latest version of technology and tool to solve PC issues by analyzing the problems and providing online computer help through comprehensive set of detailed and useful instructions. These technicians have wide experience and are deft in troubleshooting almost all the problems in front of your eyes thereby providing you live PC support.

The main advantage of availing remote technical support services is that you get your PC repaired in no time without having to go to repair shop. Online computer help is provided through internet or email from the convenience of your home or office. This saves your time and efforts without delaying your work. This is the most efficient option as you do not have to wait for hours or days to get the computer system fixed.

Professionals and technicians who provide these services have wide range of experience so they can diagnose the problems and can fix them most efficiently. Another advantage is that most of these remote specialized support services come as a comprehensive package which involves one time payment after which you can avail unlimited services throughout the year. Additionally, some of these services come along with a guarantee so you do not have to pay for the services until the problems get fixed.

These services are provided 24/7 for your convenience, so you can get the problem solved anytime and anywhere. Thus, this type of PC tech support is available anytime. Fourthly, online PC tech support provides fast result. This type of PC tech support provides fast access to user system through remote desktop even from remote location. They troubleshoot the problems quickly after analyzing them.

Lastly, it provides the most cost effective computer solutions. It is expensive to call technicians at home or business. A cheaper solution is to go for remote specialized support. There are many computer specialized support service providers offering their services at affordable rates without compromising on the quality.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

EaseUS is a data backup and recovery software that has gained a lot of popularity since last few years. EaseUS data backup and recovery software provides a lot of features such as:
· Complete and safe data recovery to recover your lost files.
· Data backup and recovery software for PC’s and Servers.
· A complete disk management and partition utility that can easily manage hard drives.
· Complete solution to recovery any kind of lost data from your iPhone or iPad.
And here are a few factors that make EaseUS data backup and recovery software everyone’s favorite:
· A complete 30 days of money back, guaranteed!
· Protection Transactions.
· Used and trusted by millions across the globe.
· Got any queries? Use their 24x7 live chat tech support.
If you’re out there searching for a best and free disk clone software. Then, the EaseUS Disk Copy software can help you out. It is an easy-to-use free disk clone software with extended features such as SSD migration and hard disk migration.
This product has been reviewed by various popular tech review sites such as PCMag, LifeHacker, PCWorld and Cnet Tech and has given wide appraisal.
This free disk clone software is a really reliable disk clone software for both home as well as business use. The sector-by-sector scanning technology ensures that you always get a 100% complete copy of the original disk. And the software can create clones of any disk with a maximum storage size of 1 TB.
The EaseUS free disk clone software is free to use however to unlock some premium as well as some extended features, you’ll need to pay a very cheap price of $99. This price tag also makes this free disk clone software one of the best and cheapest free disk clone software out there.

Final Words:

EaseUS free disk clone software is the most convenient and easiest tool out there that can help you make an identical twin of any of your drive, within minutes. Even though you might be asked to pay a small amount to unlock the premium features, the price is worth it. And no other disk clone software out there can provide as much as features provided by EaseUS disk clone software, when compared to the price you pay.

Hence, even if you’re out there seeking for a free disk clone software, then we recommend you EaseUS disk clone tool and you’ll never regret on your choice.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

5 Best Certifications to Boost Your Earnings In 2014

The IT industry happens to be one of the most challenging and tricky sectors these days. Acquiring a tech certification credential is the most imperative key in the present scenario. However not all the tech or computer certifications promise their candidates with good earnings? If you are considering earning more in the coming year 2014, you are required to figure out which is the best certification that can facilitate you in this regard.

MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

This certification has been marked as one of the best credentials that can surely boost your earnings in the year 2014. MCTS facilitate the IT professionals to be more productive and proficient in the fields such as Windows Operating System, Visual Studio, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. They can create, design and find optimizing solutions as per the latest technologies. The credentials fit both entry and expert level IT pros. In addition, there are many other credentials under the name of MCTS that can aid the candidates stand out from the rest of the crowd and be in-demand by the leading Tech giants.

RHCA - Red Hat Certified Architect

This RHCA certification is known to be one of the leading technology credentials that can aid the candidates boost up their salaries to a great extent in the coming year. All those who are interested to acquire the RHCA credential are needed to get through the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification, which is the pre-requisite. The certification also offers candidates with an enterprise focus based on the Red Hat technology solution. Red Hat is very well known to offer superior infrastructure systems such as cloud systems and server technology to businesses worldwide.

VCP - VMware Certified Professional

VMware Certified Professional or VCP is the very first certification program that can be earned under the VMware technology's name. The pros of Self test training said that the VMware Certifications are the higher paying credential, is recognized internationally and is very much in-demand. The IT pros are required to work on the concept of Virtualization. They will be able to learn and be proficient in the installations, configurations, deployments of the VMware systems.

CCIE - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification makes the candidates earn a lot more than to those who do not have this credential on their resume. They can bring the bacon home with the CCIE certification in the year 2014. The program focuses on managing the networks and troubleshooting. With all the perks and rewards associated, CCIE is considered to be one of the most challenging certification exams to pass.Under the CCIE credentials, there are 7 different specializations the candidates can choose from. They can pick up any specialization applicable to their desired field in which they consider to be proficient. For this reason, the candidates must prepare well for the exams so that they can get through it in the very first attempt.

CCSP - Cisco Certified Security Professional

A premium credential that can be useful to facilitate the IT pros to be proficient in the security and Virtualization fields. As we are all aware that security threats extremely high in the tech industry, and therefore obtaining the Cisco Certified Security Professional course helps you get a competitive edge. To boost your earnings, you can opt for the CCSP certification program to be a valuable and worthy IT professional.

Top 5 Tech Certifications You Must Not Miss In 2014

This is just the right time when you are needed to set striving career objectives for yourself so that you can achieve more in the coming year. The best approach to it is opting for a professional certification program which is a brilliant approach to enhance your skill set, competence on job and earn more and more. The biggest issue you may come across today is to determine which certification will be more in demand in the coming year. But, you do not have to worry about it, you can consult professionals from your field, as which program you should pursue in to attain new career heights.

Below are the top 5 in-demand IT certification programs you must not miss in year 2014 to broaden your career prospects in future.

CISSP Certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

CISSP Certified anticipated salary range is approximately $65,000 to $111,000. The average salary is around $80,000.

Every business is required to protect its systems, networks, data and information security engineers are extremely high in demand.

As there has been a shift and more and more businesses are opting for the cloud systems, security professionals are required to play an extremely vital role in assuring that their systems remain secure and data is properly maintained. In this regard, opting for the CISSP certification is well respected and usually receives the premium average salary.

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

The anticipated salary range is approximately $52,000 to $115,000. The average salary is around $59,000.

MCSA certification program as unveiled by the Microsoft Coporation in 2012, which drive a large spike in demand. Earning this certification enabled the profession as to acquire basic information and know-how about technology and aid prepare for higher certification programs.

MCSE – Private Cloud

The anticipated salary range is approximately $52,000 to $102,000. The average salary is around $61,000.

If you are considering being a part of any company’s IT department, you must have heard the buzz word ‘Cloud Computing’ for sure. The MCSE certification program has been reinvented for the sector. The cloud computing segment very much popular and is highly in demand for IT experts who can build classified cloud computing solutions using general technology platforms. Start with MCSE certification now and give your career a jump start.

PMP For Project Management Professionals

The anticipated salary range is approximately $65,000 to $93,000. The average salary is around $86,000.
Project management is a foundational and classic skill that progresses with latest technologies and will never be obsolete. A strong and sound understanding of the project management field allows the IT experts to plan, manage, budget and execute projects appropriately. With several businesses downsizing and seeking more proficient operations, PMP skills aid the IT professionals work more effectively and add another dimension to their career.

VCP (VMware Certification Professionals)

The expected salary range is approximately $59,000 to $80,000. The average salary is around $69,000.
VMware Certifications programs are the creation of Virtual based computing or Virtualiztion is a technique utilized to improvise scalability and bringing down the infrastructure costs in hardware-intensive computing settings. The Virtualization industry is full of potential and progressing, this makes the VMware industry a leader in both virtual certifications and Virtualization apps. They are extremely in-demand and will add immense value to your resume!

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