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10 Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Real estate is a competitive industry. Agencies everywhere are trying to rope-in as many customers as possible by trying to stand out and offer something unique, especially in their corner of the web.

And that’s all well and good. In a sector where image is everything, everything is image, you want to stay just one step ahead by making it worth your clients’ while to visit and check out your page. Your own corner on the Web should be as comprehensible yet chic as it can be; a perfect mix between aesthetics and performance.

Take a look at these themes and see if you can’t find it:


With a built-in API which allows advanced customized search based on price range, location, type and other variables, and arranges the result in grid/list/map view, this theme is as user friendly as can be. Designers can customize search features using a child theme. Extra user-friendliness points for log-in/sign-up options and attractive dashboards for a log of previous searches for account holders. More options are available to users for saving listings as favorites and account settings that can be modified.

We like:

o Front-end login

o Dashboard for logged in users

o List/grid/map view for search results

o Customizable price range format, currency

o Sold/For Sale status included


A robust, responsive theme which supports dsIDXpress plugin (to embed live real estate data from an MLS directly into a blog); Realia comes a theme customization API which allows you to design it, with 20 different color schemes, three header variants, and 10 background patterns to choose from.

We like:

o Revolution slider

o Fully responsive across various dimensions

o Optimized for search engines

o Gallery carousel

WP Estate

A responsive and elegant theme, WP Estate comes with intuitive admin panel that allows designers to alter logos, currency, colors, font, and contact details. Further modifications can be made with child themes and plugins.

We like:

o 27+ shortcodes

o 7 custom widgets

o Custom page and templates for property listings and agents

o Full width slider panel

o Compatible with most browsers

o Easy two-step navigation

Light House 

Sharp, smooth, minimalistic, and pleasant, this one has ‘ultra-modern’ written all over it. Theme colors can be changed without much effort, and list/grid options are available to show property listings. The wireframe is a designer’s dream, and customization is fluid.

We like:

o 9 sidebar positions

o 4 page templates

o Custom widgets

o Compatible with most browsers

o Menu manager

o Slider format for easy browsing

WP Residence 

This is a great theme with added options of Agent pages and allowing users to create their own listings. Front-end form handles submissions and option for online payment through PayPal and Stripe are also available. The theme’s USP is its backend, making it easy to set up and customize. Tutorials and documents are also available if you need further help.

We like:

o Custom property fields

o Advanced Search

o Unlimited sidebars

o Premium plugins included in the theme package


With a responsive, contemporary design that looks and feels fresh and off-beat, HomeQuest packs a quite a punch with powerful search and filter modules which allow users to streamline their searches as much as possible. It comes with five different header styles for easy customization to novice WordPress users and one-click auto installation. It’s definitely a bit on the ‘large’ side in terms of budget, but you also save a lot of time and money trying to customize the appearance of your theme with the help of a developer.

We like:

o Responsive theme

o Off-beat look

o Easy to browse

o Easy to install/customize

o Streamlined

o Latest discussions display on homepage


A stylish and flexible theme loaded with shortcodes and custom widgets to make customization easy as a dream. Developers can create custom fields to use in searches with units of their choice. There are 4 types of search available. Frontend and backend is fully translatable. The theme looks great and can be customized further to match your specifications down to a letter.

We like:

o Full page map searching

o Customized image sliders

o Multiple agent support

o Uses well-known plugins like LayerSlider, Yoast, and WP User Avatar for better compatibility

o 500+ Google Web Fonts

Real Homes 

This theme looks and feels clean and simple, which is exactly what it is. Responsive, easy to browse, and search engine optimized, the theme takes performance seriously and delivers well.

We like:

o Advanced property search

o Grid/list listing view

o Superb multimedia support: Image, video, and gallery posts

o Up to four column gallery templates

o Custom widgets included for featured listings, advanced search and property types


Created and optimized for devices with high-res displays, Freehold’s responsive design is compatible with the most popular dimensions. Simple to browse and easy to customize, the theme’s layout is friendly for both users and developers.

We like:

o Translation

o Unlimited portfolios

o Twitter widget

o Built-in social media sharing

o E-mail and print

o Unlimited color schemes

Open Door 

This one is perhaps the highest rated themes for real-estate industry category. The theme features like compare, Google Map, and Google Street View are unmatched by any other. Other features common to most real-estate centric themes like advanced search based on customized fields are also included in Open House. There’s no need to worry about being on the same page as every other agency that uses this theme. You can hire a developer and customize it for your requirements.

We recommend this one.

We like:

o Comparison for up to 5 listings

o Three different home page layouts

o Dark and light header styles

o Call to action buttons

o Listings show in Google map

While all these themes will make for a great online showing of your business, you should make a checklist of your best attributes and pick one which throws additional emphasis on them. If you’re unsatisfied with the way a theme looks, you can always hire a designer to customize it for you.

End point being that a theme’s aesthetic value is easier to customize than its features; so pick a theme which offers great features. You can always paint it to show your (agency’s) personality later.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones has been working as a WordPress developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd., a leading Custom WordPress Development company across the world. She loves sharing innovative posts related to WordPress customization and its benefits. Follow her on various social media sites like:- Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to Run Heavy Apps Smoothly on Mac OSX System?

Your must have aspired of the same good speed and performance of your Mac. No doubt, Apple brings the best hardware and upgrades the configuration time to time to keep abreast with the changing users’ need. However, you Mac, in due course of time, fails to perform the way it was performing when you first bought it.

Computer slowdown issues are not always due to accumulation of system wastes, cluttered desktop, overfilled volumes, etc. Such issues may also be due to the massive troubles surrounding people like you. Well, I'm talking about fragmentation and you are very well aware of the fact that Mac OS X does lacks drive defragmentation feature.
Fragmentation on Mac

People like you believe that Mac machines do not get into troubles like fragmentation. However, you do not have proper information about why they do it. In fact, the Mac file system is responsible for fragmentation on Mac.
Want to know how? Read this...

The Mac hard drive has its space divided into blocks of certain sizes where each block is intended to store a file. Well, the same is applicable for the entire drive, including the boot volume. The boot volume gets fragmented due to the execution of system files in a loop, no matter whether or not you run an installed application. When you run an installed application, hundreds of temporary files, containing intermediate data, are generated. All these files are located on the boot volume. The size and quantity of temporary files are subject to the size of the parent application.

When you install and run large applications, such as audio/video editing apps, development tools, and more, the blocks on the boot volume fail to store the temporary files. The state of the hard drive becomes like the large blocks contain small files and the rest of the space is wasted. Meanwhile, many blocks fail to store files and are left as unallocated. All such blocks on the hard drive are termed as fragments.

How Fragmentation Occurs on Mac Boot Volume?

The fraction of space on the boot volume occupied by the OS, is fixed, while the rest of the space is utilized for installing applications. In fact, the space occupied by an application on the boot volume varies with its size. Thus, you can imagine how much space on the boot volume a large application like audio/video editing app or a web applications development app will eat up. When you run such an app, it makes efficient utilization of the system resources (i.e. RAM and CPU). In the mean time, the loop of execution of the system files also generates temporary files that contain heavy blocks of intermediate data. Since all these files store on the boot volume, the unallocated blocks lead to fragmentation because of their incomparable sizes.
How to Deal with Fragmentation?

Fragmentation greatly contributes to computer slowdown. In fact, when it comes to Mac, there is no such inbuilt tool. Though Mac file system scans the files for fragments every time while opening, all such files are not more than 20 MB. In other words, you need to defrag Mac hard drive for large files (>20 MB) in order to make it perform significantly well. To have a defragmentation app for your Mac, consult Mac experts. Alternatively, search for a reliable defragmentation app on the Internet. Once you get the right app, go for defragmenting your Mac boot volume or the entire hard drive and get your Mac speed up.

Note: Use reliable defragmentation app only to avoid consequences, as an inefficient Mac drive defragmentation app may lead to files compression or some like issues.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 5 Online shopping sites in Pakistan

The trend of online shopping started in 90’s by the famous Amazon and eBay global stores. However, over the past few years, Pakistan has seen an emerging trend in online shopping. There are various reasons for rise in online shopping in Pakistan: security issues, traffic hassle, and cost of transportation, Petrol/CNG shortages and many more. Therefore, buying your favorite products while sitting in your homes comfortably is a blessing in disguise for Pakistani shoppers. The online shopping is available for a wide range of products and services with clothing, accessories, apparels, food deliveries, electronics, tech gadgets, and many more services. The concept of e-store has enabled the consumer to search, compare and choose their favorite products at the most appropriate prices. Let’s see, which of these shopping stores have successfully managed to gain customer attention and are making waves in the e-commerce market of Pakistan.


Kaymu is one of the most vibrant online shopping stores one can imagine. The site caters to more than 30,000 visitors a day with up to more than 20000 orders per month. The online shopping site is an extensive portal which offers a wide array of product categories including electronics, clothing, tech gadgets, apparels and accessories. The e-commerce portal with more than 900 transactions daily tends to be more than just a shopping store. In fact, it is more of a marketplace for both buyers and sellers to make appropriate deals for their products. The site has successfully imitated the eBay model in Pakistan and is one of the top online shopping portals.


Daraz is another successful online shopping store that is more focused on men and women apparels and accessories with main emphasis on clothing. The overall website is quite attractive as it displays the latest fashion trends in the market being offered at compatible rates. The site offers wide range of product categories from men and women clothing and apparels to tech gadgets, home & living and gaming as well. The site offers extensive range of most famous designer brands like Deepak Parwani, Sana Safinaz, Nike and more to your computer screens for comfortable shopping. The site has a reward system for its regular customers that help it to deliver more than 500 items on daily basis.


This site is a heaven for tech-savy people. The site is a remarkable place to buy all kinds of tech gadgets ranging from digital cameras, to Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even games like XBOX 360. You can find complete range of electronic devices and gadgets at unbelievably affordable prices. Its major attraction is the deal/ discount section and the installment plans it offers to its customers to make a comfortable purchase without worrying about the price. If you are a tech freak, this is a must stop shop for you.


Symbios is also the oldest and largest online shopping stores of Pakistan. The site offers extensive range of quality products like laptops, computers, watches, sports & fitness and automobile accessories as well. The site has more than 15,000 visitors per day with an average sale of 300 products on daily basis. This is quite a good number to rank this site among our top 5 online shopping sites.


This website is a one-stop shop to cater all your shopping needs. The shopping store is not just virtual but has physical presence as well in major cities of Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. They offer all product ranges from clothing, mobiles, tablets, and other electronics with 15000 visitors per day. They have a very helpful customer service that responds to your queries and also assist you with their suggestions for online shopping.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Small Businesses Are Blossoming. Here Is Why

One may be surprised that small business news these days is very positive. Even with the economic downturn, entrepreneurial activity and small business openings are still growing across the country. Much of this has to do with a dominant new philosophy seen across the internet where small business is being helped by marketing gurus and financial analysts.

Websites devoted to exclusively helping small businesses succeed have grown since the Great Recession began. The challenge to help a business thrive in a tough economic environment has made many entrepreneurs turn to each other rather than competing and to experts who blog about entrepreneurship and small business. This creates an atmosphere of mutual collaboration between entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts.

This collaboration is growing thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs and business analysts who want to facilitate and grow a new U.S. market culture dominated by small businesses, not big companies. The excesses of many of the top companies that led to the economic recession show many entrepreneurs and professional experts the merit in smaller, regional businesses over large corporations. In addition, with many people out of the workforce as employees or people scared of the competitive labor market, there are thousands of more people turning toward entrepreneurship over becoming a worker. This is helping to diversify local economies and add more jobs during this downturn.

However, none of this would be possible without the help of people dedicated to helping small businesses. Before, an entrepreneur would need to pay a consultant to help them start their business. Now, there are free or small fee websites, podcasts and social media channels where people discuss ways small businesses can invest, hire workers and shield themselves from loss. These resources are giving many entrepreneurs affordable information that can help them become more competitive while cutting a huge consultative cost.

The positivity around small businesses has never been more palpable. That is because small businesses can access a dynamic treasure trove of financial, marketing and managerial information online for free. These sources are not from amateurs either. They are from professionals who want the economy to become stronger with small businesses and active entrepreneurs. With the help of these websites, people can launch their new business or expand their existing small one.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Best Top 10 Android Apps That Makes You’re Travelling Easier

Whether it is for occasion or work, voyaging could be an upsetting thing. Getting to the airplane terminal, flight deferrals, saving inn rooms, employing an auto, and a lot of people such things hinder appreciating your vacation, investigating your end of the line or securing that business bargain that you have traversed the globe for. Anyhow all these obstructions could be uprooted with a couple of taps on your android gadget. Here is an arrangement of 10 Android Apps that make for the ideal voyaging allies.

1. Sky scanner:

A value analyze site for flights, Sky scanner plans to discover you the least expensive flights. Whether you're searching for an occasion end or a last moment outing for work, Sky scanner cases to spare you cash on your flights. The "All over the place" gimmick helps the individuals who need an occasion motivation and gives an arrangement of shabby flights from the closest air terminal.

2. blankets 200 nations with 290,000 lodgings. The App permits you to safely book rooms in any of these lodgings, extending from plan to 5 star extravagance suites. The intuitive guide considers a simple pursuit near your area. additionally offers arrangements and advancements, with one of the prizes being: "Purchase 10 nights and get 1 free."

3. Trip it:

Travel Organizer Whether you are using an occupied weekend in New York or going to Europe for several weeks, Trip it turns out to be a superb travel coordinator. Essentially forward your air transport, inn, restaurant affirmation messages to the App and it will give you a pleasantly arranged schedule. You can include headings and climate for every end and even adjust it to your Google Calendar.

4. Wi-Fi Finder:

A standout amongst the most critical things in this day and age is consistent access to the web. We all realize that most information suppliers charge a considerable amount for information download when utilizing a gadget abroad. This is the place Wi-Fi Finder comes convenient. With its scope of 144 nations and in excess of 550,000 free and paid Wi-Fi Hotspots areas you'll never be without web.

5. Gogobot:

Travel Guide Picked as the "Best Travel App" by Time Magazine, Gogobot is your best guide on an occasion to get the most out of your terminus. Discover fun things to do, best places to consume, agreeable lodgings to stay in with simply a couple of taps. In light of customized suggestions, the App has in excess of 70,000 surveys and 4m photographs so you can have a fabulous time

6. Orbitz:

Enlisting an auto has never been simpler with Orbitz. With more individuals appreciating street treks or deciding to make their own particular route in a remote nation, contracting an agreeable auto at a sensible cost is an absolute necessity. Also Orbitz does that for you with an awesome choice of rental auto organizations. The App additionally can book flights and lodgings.

7. Historic point Finder:

Historic point Finder makes touring a treat by effortlessly giving you an arrangement of every last one of points of interest near your current area On the other hand you can decide to inquiry in a more particular area Moreover, it will additionally help you discover your path to the historic point and provide for you essential points of interest, in the same way as telephone number and opening hours.

8. Outing Journal:

Lite Champ of the Android Development Challenge, Trip Journal is an absolute necessity have App for any individual who preferences to track and report their ventures. You can record your trek with GPS course following and include photographs and features of your most loved spots. As it is a diary, you can likewise compose notes or remarks on any of the goals you visit. Trek Journal additionally permits offering your diary to Social Media sites.

9. ATM Finder:

Having some nearby money in your wallet is fitting on siestas abroad. Anyway it simple to end up in a spot where there are not the same number of ATM machines as there are in an extensive city. ATM Finder helps you to discover your closest ATM machine or a bank focused around your current area.

10. Evernote:

Food did you consume at an astonishing restaurant in Tokyo which you need to inform your companions regarding? Alternately maybe you consumed something unordinary in Beijing and need to recall that it for eternity? Evernote helps you keep a journal of the distinctive sustenance and restaurants that you go over on your goes through photographs, notes and areas. The App likewise permits you to discover incredible restaurants close you and reserve a spot.

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